Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lots of explaining to do!

So, as you may be able to tell, I have been having a lack of videos lately. I guess you could say I have been having a busy schedule lately. And a hard week. The last time I got to go on the computer was, 2 weeks ago? Which is a major change for me. :) My internet keeps giving up on me. SUPER annoying! But I did come back to a pleasant surprise. Not only 300, but over 300 lovely subscribers! I would like to thank every one of you guys for this achievement. I am planning a raffle. But haven't had time to film it. Plus every time I want my photos on my laptop, I have to put my memory card into my printer, plug the printer into my laptop, and, I guess you could say I am used to simply plugging my camera into my laptop. But "Pièrrè" doesn't allow me to do that. I am also planning some major videos, and a "surprise" for you right now. I wish I could tell you more but I am not allowed to at the time. As for the lack of videos. You'd rather have me upload very few, but great videos, than lots of ok videos right? Haha. Thanks for reading and have a great day! ~Emily

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Meet Pierrè
My new Sony cyber who camera! Ok.....maybe not new. But it definitely hasn't been used for a while. I actually found this lying around in my house. To my surprise I found the charger to. As soon as I found it I went and bought myself a new memory card. My old camera
Yes, it looks much bigger. And has more mega pixel. But just doesn't seem to have as good quality as "Pierrè". You have to admit its a pretty good name for a camera right? Kiddin Kiddin. Don't forget to visit my youtube channel! Have a great day! ~Emily

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New historical doll!!

Thats right, you read the title right!!! American Girl hasn't reveiled much yet, all I can say is here name,from the looks of this picture, she seems like she would be a very elegant doll. Wait, wouldn't they have to get rid of An American Girl doll to make a new one? From what I heard, Molly and Emily may be retiring soon!!! So what do you think the new doll will look like? Do you think you'll buy her? Comment below

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Hey guys! So as you already know, when you read my blog, you get to Lear exclusive stuff, and this is definitely exclusive! I am going to start a series, it's going to involve twins, mean girls, and fame! I really can't wait to start it! But right now I am in the middle of wrighting a script. Now for something really exclusive, I am soon lauching a fashion line, but I am not aloud to say much else. And lastly I have made two more blogs here is a link to one about book reviews and here's a fashion one . I really hope you check these out and enjoy them! Have a great day good bye!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!!! I feel like I haven't posted in a long time i am so sorry!!!! I just wanted you guys to know that I got a Mac!!! iMovie is so so so so so so so so so so so amazing! I think I won't be able to live without it! i have only had it for a couple days but i have already learned how to do green screen effects and am working on jump cut and beat. I wanted to know if you guys had any video requests? I am actually getting pretty busy right now but I will find time some how!!! I love you guys so much! I actually just made 3 vids this Sunday but i have so many ideas! I ho[e you guys know I will never leave you! You guys make my day! Bye guys I will try to post soon! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 100 SUBS!

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Ok so I was filming the fencing scene and what happens? My doll falls in the snow! She gets all wet her stomach is soaked, her arms are probably damaged and my sister starts laughing at me, so of course I start to freak out, my sister gets mad, runs away and wont let me use her dolls. So I am not sure if I will be able to continue the parent trap movie without her letting me use her dolls, especially since one of them happens to the main character. Just my luck. I really hope she lets me use her dolls again. With that fight I doubt it. I should've known this wasn't going to work out. Keep your fingers crossed, but, again I seriously doubt it. grrrrrrrrrrr


I am having lots of troubles filming the first episode of the parent trap! We are on the fencing scene and we need too film it outside which is really hard when its snowing!! We are having troubles write now with dressing them and trying not to pull out all our hair while doing it! Why did we decide to do a summer movie in the middle of winter?!? To make matters worst, we haven't even finished filming the first episode! Any tips? HELP'