Friday, January 13, 2012

Introducing Mckenna!!

As for 2012.... you may be wondering about the new GOTY (girl of the year) I actually got to see her at the Grand opening in Minnesota! They had actual gymnast there (Mckenna is a gymnast) and you got a free gymnast bag for your doll!!!!! Mckenna has Chrissa's face mold and Mias hair (both girl of the year from the past) but she doesnt have a part. Isn't her starter collection so adorable!!! You can tell Mckenna's going to be an expensive one with just her bed being $225!!! Then theres the thought about American Girl raising there prices! Now there $105!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember when I got my first doll she was only $80! Many girls have sent emails to American Girl complaining about the price changes. But I dont blame them. It's not like everyone can just magically pull AS much money as they want out of a hat!! What are your thoughts? Comment below. American Girl says there raising there prices because of the material cost but I doubt that. Sorry I haven't posted in so long but I hoped you enjoyed!!!