Saturday, October 1, 2011

American girl storie contest!

Breaking news! American girl has a story contest!!!! There actually judging the contest right now! It may be too late to send in your story, but the BIG!!! .  All you have to do is right a story starting with the sentence "you wouldnt thing to girls who were so diffferent   would be such good friends, but" then just simply right a storie based on that with 500-1000 words! There are 18 fianalist. They get marie-grace and ceciel! Which are the two newest historical charachters ! They will also be featued on The two grand prize winners get ceciel, maries grace and everything for them except there beds!!! Now i know ag has had a lot of contest, but this is a little over the top and i am not saying thats a bad thing! Did i enter? Of course i did!!! Do you want to see my story? If
i have 10 follerwers by the end of October i Will show it you! Tell all your friends and family a bout  my blog! I will be posting Surveys, contest, tips, stories, prizes!!!, and everything you need to know about american girl! comment on what you think! I need your feedback! for more info on the contest got to 



  1. Welcome to blogland Emily! I am proud of you for starting a blog. I really like the font you used for your posts. And thank you for talking about the contest. I will show it to my Ahnalin and see if she would like to enter. Both of my daughters love American girl dolls. I know they will enjoy your blog!

  2. I am sorry i must have not made this clear enough. The contest ended in september and there judging it right now. I am sorry i will tell when theres another one. They have story contest about every 6 months, i will also announce the winners as soon as possible! Thanks for following me!